It’s a strange atmosphere out and about, the air couldn’t be fresher, blue sky’s cumulus clouds drifting past on a southern wind… beautiful.


there’s a feeling in the air that doesn’t seem right, an ominous gloom in our midst, stealthily blowing in through our smart phones, this flu like illness that’s on its way to our city is hard to comprehend.

Not sure how to process it at the moment, if what’s gone on in other countries is undoubtedly about to happen here then strange unknown times are just around the corner.

As a Dad my worry goes directly towards my kids, their health and safety paramount in the days going forward, money worries of course will be on everyone’s minds, businesses will close, jobs will be lost but we need to understand that these things are going to happen, not ideal, but they are going to happen, a key skill going forward to develop is, acceptance. Another is Change, inevitable as always, we have to accept this and adjust it wont be easy but it’s a must. This may blow over in a few days or weeks, but may go on for months, our immune systems will take a hit, sadly some immune systems wont do so well, sad times for some.

Popped to the shops the last couple of nights, some shelves had been emptied, lots were still full (plenty of garden gnomes in Asda) it makes you realise how much we rely on these super markets to go about our daily lives, they are the life line for our families, hopefully going forward we can look at other ways to ensure supplies are not reliant on big conglomerate businesses, not being negative towards these places, they employ large amounts of society ( kept my family going for a couple of years working part time as a delivery driver) but we need to look at other ways to support our families and keep the cupboards full. Plenty of families with gardens for tatties and when I stand on the Law Hill looking over the Siddies I’m sure we can invest in the land and cultivate our own crops and livestock, get our money to the farmers instead of tripping over one anther for the latest BOGOF deal or a 2 Rolo yoghurts for 79p.

Reasons for this post – I’ve decided to create a blog to help get me through the next wee while, as a Dad I know there will be plenty of families going through the same as mine, hopefully seeing someone in the same boat going through the same issues will provide a little help.

As a man standing back and seeing what’s going on in my family, then a little wider in the city and then widening that circle and looking at what is going on the world, I’m worried of course, but its also showing me that we may be forced to adapt and change for the better without relying on outside sources like the government, media or super market deals, maybe we can learn from this as men and realise the potential we have to become providers, leaders and points of strength for our families and communities.


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