The benefits of using WordPress

The benefits of using WordPress

WordPress is almost 17 years old, it is also the most popular blogging software available. WordPress is also the go to Content Management System (CMS) option for non-blogging websites. I have put together some of the main reasons for choosing WordPress as your platform of choice.

1. Simple to use
WordPress is simple to use with an easy to operate design. Adding content can be completed in a few clicks of your keyboard (or smartphone screen), making it the most time effective way to add images, blog posts or new products and services. Even whole new pages can be added to your website without any need to worry about code or without the need to have a degree in the history of website management.

2. Managed easily
You can log in to WordPress using any internet connection. You can even manage your website sitting in Starbucks using your smartphone, or sitting in a meeting with clients.

3. Search engine friendly
An added benefit of WordPress is the clean and simple interface and backend. Search Engines love this as they can read the sites content easily. Another benefit is your sites pages, posts and images have meta tag keywords for very precise search engine optimisation (SEO) management.

4. You have the power (if you want it)
If you want control of your WordPress website, no problem. Once your site is live it can be manged either by the website developer or with a little bit of guidance you can make simple updates yourself.

5. WordPress sites can be customised
The look and feel of your website can be designed to align with your brand. The WordPress content management system remains the same in the background allowing your website developer to ensure your uniqueness is delivered to the website user.

6. Blog it
WordPress was originally a blogging platform. The blogging tools remain as an integral part of the WordPress ecosystem and can be developed and expanded to provide a website containing, news pages, new project pages etc.

7. Plug it in
WordPress makes it possible to expand your site even further with options to add a number of services via Plug-Ins. You can add video galleries, social media feeds or event calendars booking systems. Some of which are free and some reasonably priced.

8. Your business is expanding, so can your website.
A huge benefit of WordPress websites is that they are scalable. You can start off with a 1 page, 1 service website with a contact form and service details, then 5 years down the line add new pages showcasing new products and services delivered by your business.

9. Multiple users.
Multiple users can have access to the site with varying roles. An administrator can have access to the whole site, making changes to any area. A role can also be set up to allow members of your team to add to the blog page without having access to other areas of the site.

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